Dish Nation: Ticket or Skip It With Taraji P. Henson [x]

Girl, I know.

Can’t wait to No Good Deed this weekend…

She looks like a 60s Bombshell. The gorgeous is overwhelming. I’m all over No Good Deed this weekend.

Taraji has seriously maintained this ridiculous level of fine. i love this hair cut. LOVE IT!

Memorial Day weekend with ?uestlove at MJQ a lawng time ago, I wanna say 08? 

I saw her fussing with her hair while dancing and talking.

It was hot as hell in there, and she was tryna get her hair off her neck.

Without a word, I took the nylon hair tie from my wrist, splayed it out on my fingers, and extended my arm to her. 

She gasped audibly, looked so surprised, gave me that SMILE, and said, “OMG, I LOVE YOU!” and gave me the BIGGEST hug. 

She smells SO good. 

I was like, “And I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your work!”

And it was a great Black Girl Moment. 

Forever I Stan.

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